Getting Started

SpellBot is the Discord bot that helps you find other players looking to play Magic: The Gathering on SpellTable. It can also be used by event runners to help organize online events on SpellTable. To get started, just invite the bot to your server and send the message !spellbot help.

๐Ÿค– Bot Commands

  • !spellbot help: Provides detailed usage help.
  • !about: Get information about SpellBot and its creators.

โœ‹ Commands for Players

Just looking to play some games of Magic? These commands are for you!

  • !lfg: Sign up to play Magic: The Gathering!
  • !leave: Leave any games that youโ€™ve signed up for.
  • !power: Set your current power level.
  • !report: Report the results of the game you just played.
  • !team: Join one of the teams available on your server.
  • !points: Find out how many points you currently have.
  • !plays: Find out how many games you've played.
  • !block: Block other users from joining your games.
  • !unblock: Unblock previously blocked users.

When you run the !lfg command, SpellBot will post a message for sign ups.

looking for game

Other users can react to it with the โœ‹ emoji to be added to the game. When the game is ready, SpellBot will update the message with your SpellTable details.

game ready

Users can also use the ๐Ÿšซ emoji reaction to leave the game.

๐ŸŽŸ๏ธ Commands for Event Runners

To use the commands for event runners and commands for admins you will need to create a role with the name SpellBot Admin (capitalization matters) on your server. Only users with that role will be able to use these commands. You do not need to give this role any additional privileges.

These commands help facilitate online events on SpellTable.

  • !game: Directly create games for the mentioned users.
  • !event: Create a bunch of games all at once based on some uploaded data.
  • !begin: Start an event that you previously created with !event.
  • !export: Export historical game data for your server.

๐Ÿ‘‘ Commands for Admins

These commands will help you configure SpellBot for your server. You can use them if you have the aforementioned SpellBot Admin role or if you have Administrator privilages on your server. You don't need both.

  • !spellbot: This command allows admins to configure SpellBot for their server. It supports the following subcommands:
    • config: Just show the current configuration for this server.
    • prefix: Set the command prefix for SpellBot in text channels.
    • links: Set the privacy level for generated SpellTable links.
    • spectate: Add a spectator link to the posts SpellBot makes.
    • expire: Set how many minutes before games are expired due to inactivity.
    • teams: Sets the teams available on this server.
    • power: Turns the power command on or off for this server.
    • voice: When on, SpellBot will automatically create voice channels.
    • tags: Turn on or off the ability to use tags. Optionally mention specific channels.
    • queue-time: Turn on or off average queue time details. Optionally mention specific channels.
    • smotd: Set the server message of the day.
    • cmotd: Set the message of the day for the channel where you run it.
    • motd: Set the privacy level for messages of the day.
    • size: Sets the default game size for a specific channel.
    • toggle-verify: Toggles requirement of verification for a specific channel.
    • auto-verify: Set the channels that will trigger user auto verification.
    • unverified-only: Set the channels that are only for unverified users.
    • verify-message: Set the verification message for a specific channel.
    • voice-category: Set category for voice channels created by !game.
    • awards: Attach a config file to award users who have played enough games.
    • stats: Gets some statistics about SpellBot usage on your server.
    • help: Provides detailed usage help.
  • !verify: Allows moderators to verify a user on their server.
  • !unverify: Un-verifies a user for this server.
  • !watch: Allows moderators to watch a user on their server.
  • !unwatch: Un-watches a user for this server.
  • !top8: Show the top 8 players for a channel by games played.

๐Ÿ›‹๏ธ Ergonomics

SpellBot will always try and assume useful defaults or try to do the right thing when you give it a command. For example if you use the tag ~modern or other format names when creating a game, it will automatically assume the correct number of players for you. Hopefully these features are intuitive and helpful ๐Ÿคž โ€” and if not, please report bugs and request features to your heartโ€™s content.

๐ŸŽค Feedback

Thoughts and suggestions? Come join us on the SpellTable Discord server! Please also feel free to directly report any bugs that you encounter.

๐Ÿ™Œ Support Me

Iโ€™m keeping SpellBot running using my own money but if you like the bot and want to help me out, please becoming a patron.

โค๏ธ Contributing

If youโ€™d like to become a part of the SpellBot development community please first know that we have a documented code of conduct and then see our documentation on how to contribute for details on how to get started.